Add buttons on top of Pipe


This Pipefy SDK is currently deprecated.

A new Pipefy SDK is coming soon. Stay tuned for updates and improvements.


Slack and Github examples

Add buttons on top of Pipe, these buttons could open dropdowns to show more options, modals or sibebars.

Example (Sprint app), open dropdown after:

'pipe-buttons': function(p, pipe) {
  return [
      icon: './images/icon-white.svg', // SVG white icon path
      text: 'Sprint',
      callback: function(p) {
        // Call dropdown UI function on click
          title: 'Sprint App',
          items: [
              title: 'New Sprint',
              callback: function(p) {
                p.sidebar({ title: 'Sprint', url: './sprints/new' });


  • p: Pipefy Client
  • pipe: Pipe object { id: '23dfu', name: 'Hotdog app }


  • icon: SVG relative path, svg fill color must be equal to #FFFFF
  • text: Button title
  • callback: Function that will be called when user clicked on the button
  • url: Open URL provided instead of using callback
  • target: URL HTML link target Ex.: blank