Github app example

Add new tab to card, each tab create a new button inside open card

Example (Github app):

'card-tab': function(p, pipe) {
  return {
    icon: './images/icon-blue.svg',
    title: 'Github',
    url: './attachments.html',
    claimedAttachments: function(attachments) {
      // Iterate by all attachments to claim attachments from Github
      return attachments.filter(function(attachment){
        return attachment.url.indexOf('https://github.com') === 0;
    buttons: [
        text: 'Attach',
        callback: function(p) {
          getToken(p).then(function(token) {
            if (token) {
            } else {


  • p: Pipefy Client
  • pipe: Pipe object { id: '23dfu', name: 'Hotdog app }


  • icon: SVG relative path, svg fill color must be equal to #0081FF
  • title: Tab title
  • url: Relative URL to the iframe, will be responsible to render Tab content.
  • claimedAttachments: Expect a function that will receive all attachments and return attachments that this app owns.
  • buttons: Buttons that will be rendered at the bottom of tab, expect array of Buttons with text and callback