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**Github example app****Github example app**

Github example app

Add badges to closed card, you can use the Live version when you need to get other card data, make external requests or need to have a refresh interval. You can use the Fixed version if you don't need that.

var getCountBadge = function(p, context){
  return new Promise(function(resolve) {
    p.cardAttachments().then(function(attachments) {
      var claimed = attachments.filter(function(attachment){
        return attachment.url.indexOf('') === 0;

      if (claimed && claimed.length) {
          text: claimed.length,
          icon: ICON_GRAY,
          title: claimed.length + " Github PRs attached to this card",
      } else {

  'card-badges': function(p, context){
      return [
        // Sample Live Badge
          live: getCountBadge,
          refreshInterval: 20,
        // Sample Fixed Badge
          icon: '',
          title: 'Sample fixed badge',


  • p: Pipefy Client
  • context: Object with Pipe and Card (More details about Card object)
  pipe: { id: '23dfu', name: 'Hotdog app' },
  card: {
    id: "233dfd",
    title: "Build iOS App",
    due_date: "...",
    labels: [],
    assignees: [],


Expect to return an Array of card badges


  • live: Expect to return Promise that resolves a Card badge object, same options from Fixed example
  • refreshInterval: Number of seconds to refresh and call live function. Minimum of 20 seconds


  • text: Text to be displayed inside badge
  • icon: SVG relative path or full URL, svg fill color must be equal to #9AAABE
  • color: Background colors, available options are red, yellow, green and blue.
  • title: HTML Title that will be displayed when user hover the badge

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