New GraphQL API update: Batch field updates for Cards and Database Records


We released a new API mutation called updateFieldsValues that will allow users to update up to 30 fields in a single API call. This new mutation will improve the overall developer experience when handling batch updates and will significantly improve the speed of batch updates, by reducing the number of API calls.

Incremental updates

This new API mutation also allows developers to update fields that contain multiple data by just adding a new value or removing an existing value.
For example, to add a label to a label field, previously developers would need to do two API calls, an API call to get all existing labels, use this list to append the new label and then send to Pipefy in another API call the new list of all the labels. With the new mutation updateFieldsValues, developers can send an API mutation telling Pipefy to only add a new label to the existing list of labels in a​ field, the same applies to assignees, connections and checklists fields.

Sample GraphQL mutation

Updating two fields of a Card, replacing the what_s_your_name value and adding a new assignee to the who_s_responsible_for_approving assignee field.

mutation {
  updateFieldsValues(input: {
    nodeId: 1234
    values: [
      { fieldId: "what_s_your_name" value: "John Doe" },
      { fieldId: "who_s_responsible_for_approving" value: [123] operation: ADD },
  }) {
    userErrors { field message }
    updatedNode {
      ... on Card {
        fields {


You can check the GraphQL specification of the new mutation here: